Client Testimonials

Losing weight is a struggle unique to each person. These women speak of their life-changing journey of losing pounds and inches with David.
Here are their stories.

“My experience training with David Miller has been nothing short of amazing! David is extremely passionate and knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition and he is driven by an earnest desire to see people become healthy and fit so they can live the best life possible. As a result of David’s training and “nutrition re-education,” I’ve become stronger than I ever imagined, changed my eating habits, reshaped my body (Lifting weights has given me a few curves that I’ve never had!) and I’ve gone from a tight size 14 to a size 10 (bye-bye Spanx!). With David’s support and encouragement, I’ve managed to keep the weight off by consistently attending bootcamp, clean eating, and by using the tips, advice, and recipes (Having a trainer who is an avid cook and a foodie is a definite bonus!), he so generously shares with his clients in person or via social media.”

-Roslyn Pitts Ph.D.

“There was a time in my life I weighed 250lbs. My workout regimen was non-existent and my idea of clean eating was making sure the kitchen was cleaned before I started cooking. In 2011, I shared with a friend that I wasn’t seeing anymore results from my workouts. They suggested I try D.A.M. Boot Camp. I was a little nervous and slightly intimidated to attend my first class. I never worked with a personal trainer before. My first day of boot camp was insane. I think I worked every single muscle in my body, at the time I thought this man is crazy! However, as I looked around the class noticed these lean and toned women were lifting 50lb-60lb weights. I always thought lifting heavy weights would make me look like a man, boy was I wrong. David has given me all the tools and motivation that I need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I am so thankful for walking into that Boot Camp studio 2 years ago. I have never felt so good, strong and healthy. I will continue to do the DAM Thing for the rest of my life!"

Crystal Wilson

“Working with David for the past 4 years has been life changing. He has a genuine desire to help you reach your goals. David pushes your body to limits you never thought you could achieve. From his advice on nutrition and to his focus on executing each exercise with perfect form, he has given me tools to use for a lifetime! Through his dedication and expertise and my determination to change my lifestyle, I have not only transformed my body and reached the goal I set for myself by losing 80lbs, but I have become healthy…in MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT! The road to a healthier lifestyle is a hard journey, but I couldn’t have traveled it with a better trainer than David A. Miller!”

Kia Logan

“My weight loss journey began in 2009, when I decided it was time to get in shape and lose weight. A friend of mine had begun personal training with David Miller and suggested I give him a try. In November of that year, I finally made the decision to begin personal training, but little did I know the journey would be so much more. In 2009 I weighed 165lbs with a body fat composition of 36.3% at the start of training with David. I am now 143lbs with a body fat composition of 18%. I have not only lost weight, but what is MOST important is that my body fat composition has decreased by half, which came from clean eating, weight training, and cardio. This journey that began as weight loss, has now been defined as life changing. I'm grateful to have developed such a friendship with a man who LOVES what he does. He cares about his clients HOLISTICALLY. He is an AMAZING trainer that is the EPITOME of what he teaches! Hands down, the best trainer in PHILLY!”

Chaudron Carter, Ed.D, RN